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Thanks for the positive response to the site! I read these comments daily. It's great to see visitors coming through, and knowing there are musicians who practice to improve their sound!

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3:55pm 09-07-2015
michelle, wow, what can i say? i'll bet you sing so well! sometimes i think it's harder for vocalists, because they only have their ears and throat sensations to put the notes in the right place, compared to a fret or key that automatically locates the note. but as with any art, one thing in reference to another thing is how we improve. what kind of music do you play? i'll be glad to give you any help, and thanks for reading! cogs
12:17am 08-28-2015


Voice, Guitar, Pian/keyboard
I guess I should add that my husband bought me a sweet Luna acoustic guitar a few years ago and the house we bought had a piano in it so I have really been diving back into piano and guitar with a passion. I recently found a used keyboard for a reasonable price so I bought it to mess around with. I think I will need to upgrade to a better model soon. Yesterday I bought a Mandolin for next to nothing so I will be throwing Mandolin into the mix one of these days too.
12:14am 08-28-2015


Voice, Guitar, Piano/Keyboard
Great info on your site and VERY easy to understand with solid examples. Thank you!

I took piano and clarinet as a kid and guitar lessons as well as a basic Theory and Composition class back in college but music was not my major and I didn't do much with it so lost a lot of what little I learned.

I have been working with a few bands as a vocalist and while I HAVE been wanting to re-learn theory and get solid on it, have been needled and ridiculed to the point of craziness by some one I work on music with so, long story short, I have been secretly re-learning and shoring up my understanding of Theory and how all the pieces fit together. Your site is a gift. Thanks for all the valuable information and setting it up so I can find the missing pieces in my information chain.
10:10pm 06-10-2014
added a forum! be the first to post!
6:34pm 04-22-2014
i added a treble and bass clef page.
4:12pm 04-22-2014
i understand your question better, katie: yes, there is a 'b flat' and there is an 'e flat'. also, there is a 'c sharp' and an 'f sharp'.

my point for BC, EF notes is that there is no between step from 'b to c' or 'e to f'. therefore, where 'b' would have a sharp, it simply changes to 'c'. where 'e' would have a sharp, it just turns into 'f'.

alternatively, when 'c' goes flat, it's really a 'b'. and when 'f' needs to be flat, it becomes an 'e' note.

B-C has no between note or step.
E-F has no between note or step.

however, C-D has a step between, as well as F-G. also, A-B and D-E have steps between.

A (Asharp, Bflat) B C (Csharp, Dflat) D (Dsharp, Eflat) E F (F sharp, Gflat) G (Gsharp, Aflat) A
4:17pm 04-21-2014
katie, wow, you're a singer? that's so awesome that vocalists come to this site. hey, if you need further help, just ask here!
4:11pm 04-21-2014
bc, ef notes are scale notes, and scales work for both treble and bass clefs (all clefs). the clefs just tell which lines and spaces on the staff to place the notes. it's confusing because the bass clef's lines and spaces have different names than the treble clef's. but a 'b' note's SOUND is the same tone regardless of which clef. and b,c,e,f notes have no sharp or flat between them each. (see above posts ^^)
7:58pm 04-20-2014


Does the BCEF no sharp rule only apply to the base clef? If it applies to the treble clef then I am confused. Please help. I sing and need to sight read.
Thank you!
11:07pm 11-07-2013


Thanks for helping me with the sharp and flat rules!
4:38pm 09-17-2013
remember 2 things: tones and rhythm. mix the two to make a statement. that statement is the melody. you need a band to back you up. if not, then you may sing. get gigs and look for music companies to send your stuff to. meanwhile, make it sound good to yourself!
3:39pm 06-18-2013
do you have a music question, or a suggestion for improvement, or an opinion on something? let us hear it!
3:45pm 11-27-2012
thanks, Kia! glad you took the time to read.
if your instrument is a bass drum, the rhythm1 and time signatures pages may help.
3:43pm 11-26-2012


concert bass
dose this page have anything about my instrument
3:42pm 11-26-2012
kia weddle


3rd bass drum
i like this page
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